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Community Outreach Program Distributions

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Traditional food banking models create a positive impact on a large portion of the food-insecure. However, 46% of the food-insecure population in Washington County are NOT eligible for the traditional pantry model. That is roughly 9,600 of our neighbors. Those in remote areas of the county. Those living in food deserts. Those without a pantry in distance. Those with limited mobility. In short, the often-forgotten groups who tend to be the most vulnerable.


The Community Outreach Food Program goes above and beyond in a few ways to serve our community.

  1. Greater Washington County Food Bank will bring the food directly to the rural food deserts using our Truck to Trunk model, providing convenience and the safest food handling procedures.

  2. We have partnered with local groups from the county and surrounding areas to provide the freshest, most nutritious produce and food products, providing not just calories, but nutrition.

  3. We rotate the distribution site each week, ensuring we are in a different remote area to maximize the number of clients we can serve.

  4. We will connect individuals who register for a distribution with the best possible resources and programs offered by Food Helpers and others to serve their unique needs, even those beyond the need of food.

Fresh, nutritious, and local.

The three core components of the Community Outreach Food Program.

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