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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Greater Washington County Food Bank has numerous corporate sponsorship opportunities for larger donors to make a significant impact. Corporate sponsorship opportunities range from $1,500 to $150,000, but individualized projects can be examined.

Water Wheel Transplanter.jpg

Newsletter and Communications Sponsorship ($1,500) - A quarterly newsletter is distributed to clients and supporters across Washington County. In each issue, the Food Bank highlights a community sponsor on the front page with a 2"x8" advertisement. The newsletter sponsorship is available once per quarter, and is made available in  print as well as digital copy on Sponsorship enables GWCFB to pay for all printing costs, mailing costs, postage, and includes ad space plus being listed within the Newsletter as a loyal donor/supporter. 

Farm Management Technology Sponsorship ($1,800) - A Farm management Technology Sponsor would cover the cost of 2 mobile tablets, accessories (including heavy duty cases for protection when in use on the farm), & farm management software. This will allow multiple members of The Farm to accurately track farm management data in real time, including production & yield data, inventory, and volunteer management. The prompt recording and analysis of this data will inform management decisions, support research efforts, and aid in training students in high-tech farm management. 

​Atrium Sponsorship ($5,000) - Greater Washington County Food Bank recently added a new atrium entrance at the front of the compound. This entrance is the primary entry point for all donors and volunteers for the Food Bank, Healthy Habits Training Center, and The Farm. The Atrium and secure check-in are already in place, but plans for a more inviting entrance for those visiting the compound is currently underway. Sponsorship includes ad space visible to the exterior of the atrium, recognition on the interior, as well as opportunity for related decor to be included within the space.

Water Wheel Transplanter Sponsorship ($3,000) - The purchase of a Water Wheel Transplanter for more efficient, consistent planting of new produce transplants in the fields. The Water Wheel Transplanter automatically creates consistent, evenly watered holes to plant each transplant in. It will allow us to plant the same number of transplants in less than half the time compared to traditional methods. This equipment also protects the health of our workers and volunteers by eliminating the constant bending and kneeling required through traditional planting methods. This investment will also allow us to accomplish our goal of educating students and farmers in the best practices for vegetable production by using the latest in produce equipment technology.

High Tunnel Sponsorship ($30,000) - 30’X96’ Gothic High Tunnel & ventilation equipment. Will allow The Farm to utilize & train volunteers in vegetable production best practices & significantly extend its growing season. High tunnel is large enough to practice crop rotation, experiment with multiple crops, and utilize labor efficient equipment inside the high tunnel. 

High Tunnel.jpg
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